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原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:太阳后裔灬送终鸡 转载请注明出处论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-455057-1-1.htmlThe level of China's investment in the continent of Africa is increasing at arate fast enough to raise concerned eyebrows in the west. Primary motivationsthat lie behind China's push toward increased investments in African nationsinclude the desire to secure a solid base of raw materials to fuel China's ownrapidly growing economy, the desire to increase China's global politicalinfluence and the major growth opportunity presented by emerging market economiesin Africa.中国对非洲大陆的投资正在以一个非常韩泰善快的速率提高,以至于西方都高高扬起了担心的眉毛。中国提高对非洲国家投资的主要动机在于希望获得坚实的原材料以此来推动中国自身快速增长的经济体藁城人吧,满足中国增强全球政治影响力的渴望,以及由非洲新兴经济体的提供的主要增长机遇美目美佳 。---------------------以下是评论部分---------------------原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:太阳后裔灬送终鸡 转载请注明出处论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-455057-1-1.htmlbarbie bastilleall of africa is like satan's arse杭娇 , and so are the people, they deserve ebola!所有的非洲国家就像撒旦的屁股,非洲人也是。他们活该得上埃博拉病毒。Mohammed IlyasFrench. UK usa don't help poor countries. if Chinese doing it let them. you putyour nose in everything.and don't do anything good for peoples. you are only goodto heat people hurt people and destroy everything. trueley when you look inmirror that's what you are.法国人,英国和么欧国都不帮助贫困的国家。如果中国正在帮助非洲国家,就让他们去做。别没事就喜欢插一脚,帮助别人的好事却从来都不做。说真的,好好去照照镜子,看看你自己长什么样吧。kazmoo_ jamind ur business white ppl...u don't own Africa管好你们自己的破事,白人们。。伊东惠 。非洲可不是你家的King MenerChina investing in Africa is not white peoples business ...leave us the f###alone中国正在投资非洲不关白人的事情。。。。少特么管我们的闲事Isaac FoxSo this justifies being an anti-white African nationalist? You're now better thanwhite supremacist.所以这是否成为了反白人的非洲民族主义呢?你们现在不比白人至上主义者好到哪里去。Tired AFAfrican nations are rich赵姨娘是谁 , they stand on a land of gold, they just need some helpto use them. China uses too much resources and will use even more in the future,and any resource is a welcoming addition终极警戒, Africans get railways, ports, security,malls and modern industrialisation, in exchange for resource. Sounds fair to me.非洲国家很富有金镇佑 ,他们站在遍地黄金的土地上,他们就是需要一些帮助来运用它们。中国使用了太多的自然资源,而未来他们甚至会使用更多的资源,任何额外的资源都将受到欢迎。非洲人用资源作为交换红人服饰,得到了铁路,港口,安全,超市和现代化的工业。就我来说,听起来还算公平我想去桂林 。Gary BowenWith so much hate towards white people in here guess I will be taking the Congooff my travel itinerary... I will also pass this bit of information to otherswhom are talking about touring Africa. Now on the NO-Go list.鉴于这边这么多对白人的仇恨,我将把刚果从我的旅游行程里删掉。。。我也将这个消息传给其他讨论去非洲旅游的人。现在你们已经上我旅游黑名单。michael mwashope you are clean people coz we are violent in nature and ready to die for ourchildren希望你们是干净的,我们本性暴力,并且随时为了我们的孩子而牺牲阮静波 。1 Bang"WHY IS CHINA INVESTING IN AFRICA?" because thats where the money is为什么中国在非洲投资?因为在非洲能赚到钱John MartinBritain will make sure we put sanctions against Asian countries and Africa soChina cannot take resources from Africa英国人将确保对亚洲和非洲国家实施制裁,这样中国就不能从非洲获取资源了。CounterStrikeChannebrital will dissapear because the zionist want to china become the nextsuperpower fucking zionist,cocksucker, hahaa never trust in jews remember that英国佬们将会绝种,因为犹太复国主义者们想让中国成为下一个超级大国,狗娘的犹太复国主义者,哈哈,永远都别相信犹太人,记住这句话Mark JupiterC'est toujour de grand contentment pour mois de voir l' Afrique deroule anvere ledevelopement. En temp qu'un west indies vivre aux Etat Unit, ca ma donne l'espoirque un jour je pourait retourner a la maison (the mother land). Vivre l'afrique.每几个月就看能发现非洲在发展,对此我感到很满足vsd1s 。虽然我生活在西印度群岛的公寓里流氓总裁 ,但这给了我希望,期待有一天能回到家里(我的祖国)。